May 16, 2021

Portable Toilets, Chemical Toilets for Camping

What are portable toilets?

Camping and portable toilets are basically two sealed compartments, our top tank and our bottom tank. Let’s have a quick look at how we use them and what chemicals we need to make them work effectively.

Basically our top tank is designed to contain the water. So we fill our water through here and put the cap on and to that water we add pink chemical. The pink chemical basically ensures that the water stays good quality and also adds a scent to the water. So this means that the water smells nice. Also when we press the flusher here. When we flush our toilet we’re going to put water from the top tank into the toilet bowl. And what that does is it also puts a microfilm on the toilet bowl.This stops wasting and also make that flush more effectively.

Chemicals to use

To use the toilet all we do is pull out the front handle and that opens the seal between the top tank and the bottom tank and in the bottom tank. We put one of either two chemicals. We can go with the green chemical which is a more environmentally friendly bottom tank chemical and it’s designed to break the waste down. It also contains odors so green chemical is more environmentally friendly. But it’s designed to hold and break down waste for about four to five days.

The blue chemical is basically the same sort of material but it’s more concentrated. So it’s designed to hold the waste and control the smells for about 10 days. So where would I use them? Probably larger groups of people or more frequent emptying go for the green one.If it’s a couple of people in your way for a long duration stay and you’re not able to empty the toilet go for the blue chemical. So that’s it. A top tank water and pink chemical. A bottom tank is the blue or green chemical and just enough water there to cover the bottom of the toilet.

Emptying portable toilets

So we’ve used the toilet. We now seal and then there’s a lever on the back so that we can open. Take our top tank off the toilet and here’s our bottom tank open. Opening the bottom tank you can see that that is where we have the blue or green chemical and that layer of water along the bottom. To empty the toilet or to charge the bottom toilet with water and chemical all we do is swing out that side arm and there’s also an air release button there as well. And that air release button is designed to make the waste flow smoothly out of the toilet.

When we are emptying it it’s our way we go push the button in and we’re emptying the waste also better to put your chemical and water in through that hose rather than through the seal here so that we don’t damage the rubber seal that’s on there as well simply turn that back around we put our cap back on there so that it’s all nice and sealed and we’re ready to go so that’s our portable toilet’s top tank bottom tank and our range of chemicals a good tip also when you’re using a portable toilet is if you use single ply non-scented and non patterns toilet paper as well because it breaks down much more effectively.

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