May 15, 2021

Reliance Hassock Portable Lightweight Self-Contained Toilet Review

Introducing the Reliance Hassock portable toilet

About the Product

Portable, lightweight and self-contained toilet; comes with one Eco-Fresh packet
Contoured seat for comfort; inner splash cover/toilet paper holder
Removable inner bucket for waste disposal; compatible with Reliance’s standard Double Doodie bag
Dimensions: 14.7 by 14.7 by 154 inches (L x W x H); Weight: 5 pounds
The Reliance Hassock portable toilet is designed for camping and boating; five-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects

Reviewing the Reliance Hassock portable toilet

Today we are reviewing the Reliance Hassock portable toilet. I know what you’re thinking. Why would I review a toilet? Well let me ask you this question. You know what to select to camp with a five year old in a tent when the closest bathroom is halfway across the campground? That’s why I got this portable toilet. Since I was looking at portable toilets, figured hey we’ll get something that’s nice and easy.

Now I’m sort of looking at those ones that you add the water to and it’s like one of those ones that you find in RVs with a flush and has the water go down and those look great. They were kind of expensive and I was reading reviews and some people have problems getting them clean, doing all that stuff so I decided to go with easy and simple and this Reliance Hassock portable toilet actually came with some great reviews. Well then right here you can see that it includes a toilet paper holder, really not high-tech at all. It has a nice place for you to sit. it’s a little lower to the ground but I don’t have a problem with that.¬† If you are an older person you might have some problems getting yourself low enough for it.

The toilet seat

We have the main cover which just covers the whole seat itself. You have the seat, that’s what you sit on and then literally it’s just a bucket within that. Some people might feel like oh look they’re getting a little ripped off cuz it’s just a bucket with a toilet seat on it and a toilet paper holder but I’ll say it does the job and it does it well rather than trying to position a bucket in your own way like MacGyver. When you first buy it it actually comes with some of those blue custodial things that they put in to keep them clean and sanitary. But honestly the way I do is I put a garbage bag in there and I put some cat litter in, put enough down there and it takes care of the smell, keeps it all in the bag and it’s easy to take the bag out after and just throw it out.

Which is what we did when we camped at the beach.

I can’t tell you how handy this thing was if it was late at night you know how they wake up at like 4:00 a.m. and lets go to the bathroom. And that’s fine but the problem is is that you know half the time that getting their shoes on you’re like we gotta go. You’re tired you’re groggy. Whereas this was able to go in our Sun dome tent and stay there and be sanitary. I didn’t smell anything bad. Because there’s nothing going on there, nothing funky, and I emptied it everyday by just double bagging the garbage bag and throwing it out the dumpster there.

Our verdict

So it did its job. It was perfect. Things I would say about this. You do number one or number two, do it the same way. Sit down on the seat and make sure it all goes in there. The other thing that I noticed that I followed like other people is that it fits perfectly with the Ozark Trail shower shelter. Because you got the shower on the left you got that door closes in the middle and then on the right at the changing room and that could fit in the corner and that way you could have it right near your tent. For campsites the other great feature is just packing it up. It all packs up in itself, goes on top and it goes down to that size.

There have actually been people that drive trucks that said this is their backup. Because it’s so small and they’re able to do their business while on the road. It’s not the most exciting review it might even be a little weird. It’s a little weird for me to do this one but it is an excellent product. Especially for camping with a five-year-old. It’s also very affordable and it comes in really handy. If you would like to purchase your Reliance Hassock portable toilet please go to the links¬†below. Then we’ll send you to Amazon where you can purchase your very own.

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