May 16, 2021

How to Choose the Right Chemical Toilet

Purchasing your chemical toilet

Today we’re going to talk about what to look for when you’re purchasing your chemical toilet. So other than quality, these Thetfords do come with a three-year warranty.

Key things to look for

There are some other key things to look for when you’re purchasing a chemical toilet. So the first. These are the two main types; there are others but these are the two main types. So this one here is what they call the bellows and then this one here is a piston type. Now something really important to note with these is for small children or the elderly. They might find the bellows hard to push down so the piston type is easier to use. So therefore you know you do see less breakages in those.

Now the other key things to look for in the chemical toilet is this one here does have a bottom tank indicator so that’ll tell you is the bottom tank starting to get full. If you don’t have that you’ll need to constantly visually inspect it to see whether it’s starting to get full so it certainly does make that a bit easier. The other thing to really take into consideration when you are purchasing a chemical toilet is can you get spare parts. So for this particular brand you know we can expand parts on the shelf. Therefore there’s some flushes. We also carry caps and a few other spare parts but nearly every part of the toilet is replaceable.

Chemicals to buy

Now whereas a lot of others if you can’t get to be a part for them then you’ll have to throughout the hot water so that’s a good idea to get a good toilet. Some other things to consider are chemicals. So you will need two types of chemicals with a chemical toilet. You will need pink for the top tank. What that does is deodorize the toilet but more importantly keeps the balls and the seals lubricated so pull it’s easier to clean and you see also a crack. Then you’ll need some chemicals for the bottom tank. Now this breaks down all the waste, makes it easier to dispose of. There are a couple of different types of chemical but this one’s the most popular.

The only other thing to consider is maybe getting the right toilet paper. Now this toilet paper is designed to break down more quickly with these chemicals.

That’s just a few things to look out for when you’re purchasing the chemical toilet.
Chemical toilet selection on
Chemical toilet selection on

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