May 15, 2021

Camco Camping Flush Toilet Review

Camco Camping Flush Toilet

Intro to the Camco Camping Flush Toilet

The Camco Camping Flush Toilet. This is a portable toilet. Mainly people would use this for camping but it doesn’t have to be for camping. It’s anytime you need a portable toilet and I got this. It’s pretty affordable. I believe it comes in two to three different colors. This one’s like a grey. I think you can get it in a tan and I believe also a blue. So I thought this was the best most kind of color that would go with most things.

How it works

Now this is pretty neat over here. This actually is the flush part of it so it will flush the water whatever the stuff down after you do what you got to do. It has this. Up here is the freshwater tank which is three gallons. This is the nut freshwater this is the waste water tank that’s five gallons. So three gallons and five gallons. You can separate it here when you need to empty it out, clean it out, any of those things. Also here this is when after you well when you do what you got to do when you’re ready to flush it down you pull that out and then what that does, like that, and then what that does is that opens up the little thing inside and then you do the flushing like that.

Rinse everything down and then push it back in and then that seals it. And then the top here. Here we go. Here’s the top and what’s kind of nice it gives some little quickie directions. So if somebody’s using it that doesn’t own it, you have some guests using it, it gives a little quickie little thing so when they lift the top, that’s the top right there, they can see that. Then there’s the slushy thing it seems to go down pretty good and here’s the seat. I have tried it out and it’s very comfortable and definitely this is sturdy. So I guess I’m not sure the weight on this but I’m guessing maybe 250, up to 250 pounds.

Flushing the toilet

I wouldn’t put a gigantic person, well yes, but you wouldn’t have any problem putting most adults on this and then this lifts up well cuz you’re gonna need to do that for cleaning. This over here this is where the water shoots out. I don’t have any water in it yet but when you hit this then the water shoots out here to flush things down and then when you pull this little guy here which is kind of part of the flush things up like that and it looks like it has a pretty decent seal. Although if you’re out and there’s like you know summertime its heating up you’re gonna need to get some kind of deodorizer. Little tabs or something to put in there or just empty it as soon as you can.

So then that closes, whoops, so that closes just like that. Let me get that no actually this is too good if you’re a guy I’m going to use it I had also for cleaning it and I got that and then you got that. So looks pretty nice and pretty tall. I mean if you really have any issues where you want it taller you can always like put it in a little box or something. But I thought it was just just fine and its really lightweight when it’s empty. So that’s good and I like that you can take this here. Then you can yeah Oh over here this is where you fill up the freshwater tank right here. That and this is where you empty the poop tank and it has a handle on it for each item.

Fits inside a pop-up tent

So if you need to just go over to the hose and fill it up. You can take it apart. Do that if you need to take this to the dump station or flush it down a a regular toilet and you can do that. So I’m gonna go ahead and let’s try it out now. I am going to take it outside because I have a portable tent that I got to use with this when I go camping. Now let’s see how that looks adapted to really fit inside my little pop-up tent. This is a standard size pop-up tent and as you can see there’s plenty of room. Nice, great fit. You gotta do it too. Now for the exciting part of the video. We’re gonna try it out.

Now I got water from the garden hose. I filled it up and I’m gonna start with just plain liquid down there. Okay so you got your liquid and one thing I’ve noticed this little seal seems to do a pretty good job. So it’s not like just going down there the more that it can seal the better it can keep out the odors. Right, so now it’s time to get rid of that. So you want to pull this maybe flush it just a little bit. This was pretty good job with that okay now it’s time to lose that back up great they have an excellent job of that. So that was for a guy.

Emptying the toilet

Now we’re gonna have a woman’s gotta go. So we’re about to liquid up and then we’re gonna need some of this, just a little bit off of that and definitely gonna have to use the flush thing for this. So we open it up. Wow didn’t have to flush too much but we’ll still want a flush. Okay close it up. Perfect. Now we go on to the next stage. We are going to test it on some solid. this is some beans from leftover soup I got. So let’s try that. Pretty chunky there. When you’re doing this solid you probably wanna put a little liquid in it first so it doesn’t stick to the sides. But yeah how much you fill depends on how much you think you need. Okay so now here we go.

Now a moderate amount of toilet paper. Continue with another wad, oh and it’s one of those tough ones. The third wad in there, okay this is definitely going to need this flush when you open it as well. so open it now and flush. Yeah one more time. The rest of the bean soup, messy there yeah it’s a messy one. This one’s going to require a lot of toilet paper. Wipe that first, get that off of there. Messy Okay I think that’s enough now. This is definitely going to require quite a bit of flushing. Let’s open up. This requires a force when I hit one big thing like that goes down a lot better than a little bit.

Between uses

Okay the only kind of area I’m seeing that’s not because this thing comes out, swirls around. Swirls around, goes down. This little kind of area here isn’t really getting it. Kind of goes down in here. So the situation like that you need to use toilet paper or have a little mini brush next to the thing in the cases of stuff that flies around this area here. Okay perfect. Close her up. Let’s see the water. Give it one long solid flush. It’s much more effective than the short ones and you can see it can hold quite a bit of water.

if you were in a spot where you are, that is not moving around, you’re not in a moving vehicle, keep down on the smell you’d probably want to keep the water in here, keep the smell you know just like in a regular toilet. Keep from coming up and how’s it ready for the next time you want to use it. Looks like it’s sealing pretty good but well how it’s gonna hold up overnight, will the water still be there but it seems to be doing a pretty good job. So how did it do? Great. Yeah I’m so psyched I got this. okay time will rip Time for a close-up. Yeah definitely we need to get some little tablets for this. Good stuff on the inside and it’s only five gallons that can hold all that.


Yeah perfect. So overall I’m really happy I got this Camco Camping Flush Toilet. It has performed so much better than I thought it was going to be. I didn’t think it was going to be able to flush as well as it does with just that little hand pump. So I know I’m going to get a lot of use out of it for camping or other places I got to go that I need it and if I ever have any plumbing problems at the house and things are backed up not a worry cuz I have a backup for my backup and that would be this. I love the Camco Camping Flush Toilet and I’ll put the link for it below this review. Price-wise very affordable and I think this is a nice little portable toilet. So I like it.

Here is a link to Camco portable toilets on Amazon

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