May 15, 2021

Dometic Portable Toilets for Camping

Dometic portable toilets for RV camping

Dometic portable toilets. Today I want to talk about RV toilets and consumable products designed for RV toilets. Dometic offers a comprehensive line of toilets for RVs of all sizes. The 970 series toilets are portable and work great for small RVs, boats and tent campers. Let’s take a closer look at Dometic portable toilets and some consumable products.

Dometic also offers options for smaller RVs and tents with the 970 series portable toilets. These portable toilets feature powerful flushing at the touch of a button without constant pumping or batteries. Setting the 970 series portable toilets apart from the rest. The 970 series portable toilets offer contemporary styling. They are available in tan or grey colors and in 2.6 gallon or five-gallon waste tank capacities. All models have a 2.3 gallon freshwater tank. The high-strength ABS construction withstands camping and marine environments. Other features are the prismatic tank level indicator allowing for easy tank level monitoring, a full sized seat for comfort and a latching lid for security.

Operating a Dometic portable toilet

Dometic 970 series portable toilets are easy to use. Let me show you. Remove the water cap and fill the upper tank until it reaches about one inch below the opening. Replace the cap. Pull the flush handle to open the slide valve and pour the pre-measured deodorant directly into the lower tank. Close the slide valve. Pump the air pump about 15 times or until air emits through the relief valve on the water cap. When the tank level indicator shows full you empty the lower tank. To empty the tank pull the flush handle to release any waste into the lower tank. Push the flush button to rinse the bowl, push the flush handle to close the slide valve. Pull up on the rear latch to separate the upper tank from the lower tank.

Emptying the dometic toilet

Carry the lower tank to an authorized waste disposal area or you can use a normal toilet. Rotate the discharge spout away from the tank and open the vent on the top of the holding tank. Empty the contents of the tank. If water is available rinse the lower tank before reassembling the portable toilet. For portable toilets Dometic offers these max control advanced pre-measured packets. Every time you empty the portable toilet waste tank you add one of these 2 ounce packets. It controls odors without using formaldehyde so there are no concerns with using or handling it and it has a fresh clean scent. The granulated tank treatment breaks down waste and is 100% biodegradable.

When it comes to RV toilets and RV holding tanks you always want to use toilet tissue design for RV wastewater systems. Dometic offers single ply and two ply RV toilet tissue designed for use in RVs. Both are rapid dissolving and designed to break up quickly to help prevent clogs and other holding tank problems. This toilet tissue is made from 100% recycled materials and has no added dyes or fragrances. Well that about does it regardless of what type RV you have Dometic has an RV toilet and consumable products designed specifically for you. To learn more about RV toilets and consumable products take a minute to visit Dometic brand toilets on Amazon here.

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